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How do you run a successful marketing campaign on limited headcount and budget?

The ugly truth about marketing is that it’s not free.

However, you don’t see many marketing articles or blog posts discussing the number of resources and budget that’s needed to do marketing well.

Of course, the resources and budget requirements heavily depend on:

  • marketing goals
  • industries
  • company sizes
  • revenue, products
  • corporate culture

Resources, in this case, refers to human resources (aka headcounts or a team) and budget is the money for content creation and campaign execution. In other words, you need headcount and budget to build awareness and drive demand.

The term ‘headcount’ is not widely used outside of the tech industry.

Headcount in this sense means a full-time employee. Sometimes, you just need to hire additional people to help you out. The people can come from hiring someone full-time against headcount approved by management or through outsourcing your work to agencies and freelancers, which is paid for with budget.

Having a competent and talented full-time in-house staff lends itself to getting relatively more accomplished. But, with the increasing cost of benefits, companies are often hesitant to hire full-time employees. In some companies, management intentionally keeps the marketing team small but is willing to allocate a marketing budget to compensate for the lack of internal support. You need to understand your management’s preferences and create a plan to cover headcount and budget.

I am often told by content marketers: “I am a one-person operation. I don’t have a budget or a team.”

This strictly limits what can be done and usually leads to crazy hours and disappointing results. What you should probably do is ASK FOR HELP. You may not get it, but you need to publicize your needs.

To do that, you need a plan. Categorize your unique offerings as well as your company’s objectives and internal stakeholders’ needs. Then put this information together to create a compelling proposal. Use this proposal to convince your management of what you can do to help your internal stakeholders and accomplish your company’s objectives.

If you don’t know how to put a proposal together and would like guidance, please check out my online course: “Step-by-step Guide for Content Marketers to Get More Headcount and Budget.”

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