Global Content Marketing Case Study

Coca Cola Vietnam demonstrates the use of global content marketing strategy that allows them to speak to a global community using targeted content.

This is really the essence of marketing: share ideas on how to integrate your products into your customers’ daily lives.

Google is now a verb, because we use Google to search all the time. Facebook is another great example of becoming part of our daily lives because we use it to communicate and share with our friends and family. Starbucks is another world-wide company that means more to people than just a cup of Joe. Not every company or product is Google, Facebook or Starbucks. Our customers are busy and it’s very challenging to integrate our products or services into their daily lives or part of their business processes.

The goal of content marketing is to be helpful to consumers by sharing relevant, useful or educational content. Here is the perfect example of being helpful by re-using Coke bottles.

To me, this piece of content can easily be scaled to both developed and emerging markets easily. It also encourages others to think of innovative ways to re-use coke bottles (building awareness and demand for Coke). It’s a great marketing and great corporate social responsibility example.

Note: Thanks my friend, Maki Saito, who wrote a book about corporate social responsibility in Japanese, shared this wonderful video on her Facebook page.

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