My New Year Resolution: Global Content Marketing Workshop in Portland

One of my New Year resolutions for 2016 is to try something new or pick one thing and do it differently every month.

For January, I will offer my own ‘Global Content Marketing’ workshop in Portland. This workshop focuses on how to establish a global content marketing collaboration process for you and your local teams. Compared with the past workshops I did at marketing conferences, this one will be longer, more in-depth and allow enough time to complete all exercises from planning to measurement. In addition, I am responsible for almost all aspects of this workshop, especially promotions.

The idea of doing a local workshop stems from my chat with Tom Biven, Managing Director of 52 Limited, a creative talent recruiting agency in town. They regularly host creative and marketing sessions for local marketing professionals in their beautiful historical landmark 3-story building. Tom suggested that I can use their facility to offer the workshop in town. So no traveling for me. Yay! After some discussion, I decided to offer one 50-minute Content Marketing Overview session and one 3-hour Global Content Marketing workshop back-to-back on 1/27.

Marketers have options to register for a short session or/and a workshop.

Content Marketing Overview

Course description:

What is content marketing, anyway? What are creative ways to leverage content as a means of building your brands and helping your customers? I will share techniques and case studies.

After the 50-minute session, you will:

  • Clearly define content marketing and its benefits
  • Understand the 4 P’s of content marketing
  • Identify 1-2 key actions to apply to your job

Cost: $25

Time: 40 min. + 15 min Q&A

Date: January 27th, 2016

Location: 52 Limited

Register for Content Marketing Overview:

Workshop: 7 step guide to effectively scale your content across regions

Course Description:

After the ‘Content Marketing Overview’, I will do a deep dive workshop on how to implement cross-region content marketing initiatives for your company or your clients. I will talk about the balance of global vs. local from a content marketing perspective. I will also discuss the best practices for collaborating between headquarters and local teams to effectively implement your marketing strategy.

After the 3-hour Workshop, You Will:

  • Think about Global Content Marketing differently
  • Comprehend a process that you can implement internally
  • Understand do’s and don’ts of scaling content across regions

Cost: $199

Time: 3 hour (+ Q&A session)

Limit: 25 people

Date: January 27th, 2016

Location: 52 Limited

Register for Global Content Marketing:

I have given sessions and workshops at various marketing conferences, but offering a session and workshop back-to-back and on my own is doing the same thing in a different way. Executing an integrated promotion plan across paid, owned and earned channels is something new. It’s wonderful to kick off January trying something new and different. In case you are interested in content marketing and can be in Portland on 1/27, click below to register! It will be great to see you!

Register for Content Marketing Overview:

Register for Global Content Marketing Workshop:

Happy New Year!

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