I had the pleasure of speaking at eBay’s ‘Content Strategy Applied’ Conference in San Jose. It was also wonderful to see a great friend, DeAnn Wright, Senior Content Manager at eBay. Please contact me if you would like to view the presentation.

Global Content Marketing - HQ and Geo Collaboration

I shared my thoughts on the following topics with the audience:

– A process for cross-regional content planning

– Balancing global and local

– Lessons learned to work with different regions.

The secret of scaling content across regions is to understand the geography’s needs and the local markets. Collaboration with geographies means early morning calls with Europe and the Middle East and late night calls with Asia Pacific. Treat them as partners and take their feedback into consideration, when creating the global go-to-market plan. Understanding your audience is the first step and it starts with the creation of a ‘global persona’.

Focus on finding the commonalities of your target audience across regions. Headquarters’ job is to provide leadership, guidance and the necessary materials for geographies to do their marketing execution. Understanding their needs and determining the roles and responsibilities between headquarters and geographies are essential steps. Package the materials as a marketing kit from which the geographies can pick and choose appropriate pieces for their marketing needs.

Cross-regional content planning is not hard to do as long as headquarters keeps the geographies’ needs in mind. Headquarters should provide leadership and support, while empowering geographies with the autonomy to do their jobs.

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