Although these two videos were created several years ago, I still enjoy watching them from a global content marketing perspective.  These two videos, created by Pantene, convey consistent brand messages and use similar storylines, yet add customized touches for their local markets. Pantene has a very specific target in mind: young women worldwide.  Instead of directly selling and promoting their products to them, the brand create stories to inspire and encourage women to #shinestrong. They showcase these girls’ triumphs (of course, with their beautiful hair) without mentioning Pantene until the end of the videos. Common threads between the two videos:

  • The same target audience: young women.
  • A focus on common language with music and dance, but few words.
  • Well-known background music: Pachelbel’s Canon in D.
  • A story about a girl overcoming challenges with a triumph.
  • Special shots focusing on the girls’ beautiful hair to connect with their products.

Localized elements:

  • Gymnastic resonates better in Russia, while piano and violin lessons are popular in Thailand (or Southeast Asia in general).
  • The school setting makes sense for Asia, while the Russian version focuses on private training.
  • Of course, use of local talent and settings.

Check out these two videos: East vs. West


These two videos can easily scale to other regions and countries without much editing and localization. The stories are told in a way that everyone can understand just by watching the videos.  The story is touching, even if it’s not possible to get a decent sound out of a broken violin and highly doubtful a deaf person can learn to play violin well (other instruments maybe, but violin…no). These videos inspire young women around the world to be the best they can be.  Of course, beautiful hair doesn’t hurt.

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