A young colleague’s passing and two colleagues’ illness make me ponder my 2014 resolutions. I received an e-mail that a dear colleague passed away today. Her passing was not a surprise; she has been fighting recurring cancer for the past two years. Yet, I was overwhelmed with grief for the rest of the day. Earlier this week, I received two separate e-mails on the same day that two colleagues have been diagnosed with cancer. Both of them are senior managers in highly stressful positions. My new-year resolutions are usually about career advancement, compensation-driven, skill development or something goal-oriented.

After watching this child’s Ted Talk, I decided to hack my life the way he hacks his education.

Please watch the excellent TED Talk by Logan LaPlante. What he said is profoundly simple, yet is usually ignored by everyone, including me. Like many professionals, I work long hours, eat out often, exercise little and sleep late. It’s time to make an effort to work less, eat at home, exercise more and sleep early. It’s hard, but it’s also MY choice to make.

My new year’s resolution for 2014 is simple: Be Happy and Healthy!

To life!

A side note: I will always remember your smile and kindness. May you rest in peace, Wendy.

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