I recently received this e-mail from one of my students, Laura.

Hi Professor,

I had you in class a few months ago, and I was wondering if you had any examples of a content strategy that you could share with me? I have to create one for work and I’m just overwhelmed by the format. So I thought I would reach out to see if you had anything to share. 

Hope all is well.



Here’s my email to Laura


Good to hear from you. I totally understand that creating a content strategy can be overwhelming, and so many end up fighting off content burnout.

Here are a couple steps to get you started.

Write down 1-3 bullet points on why you create the plan and whom is it for. Are you creating this as part of the overall marketing plan? As part of a sales plan? Or as part of a product launch plan? Is this a stand-alone presentation or part of the bigger plan?

In addition to “why”, we need to address “who”: Who will see your presentation? Marketing manager? Sales manager? Subject Matter Experts or Product team?  Why do they need to care about content?  How can they benefit?  Are you asking for support, resource or budget?

Have an understanding of why you create the plan, who is it for and what they want to see will guide you on what to add to your deck and the flow of your presentation.

Once you understand why and what they want to see your deck, then it’s time to structure your information.

As a rule of thumb, the following elements can be needed as part of your deck:

  • Content marketing strategy and high-level tactics or deliverables
  • Status updates and content usage
  • Marketing or sales challenges and how content can help
  • Content roadmap
  • Content ownership and delivery timeline
  • Next steps

Content marketing strategy and high-level tactics: Nothing too complicated.  Start by showing your overall content marketing strategy and key deliverables.  Refresh everyone’s memory on your overall plan.

Sample Content Strategy Presentation

Content Marketing Plan Elements

Then, provide a quick status update.  Show what you have done and the results, if there is any.  I’d recommend 3 x 3 – 3 highlights and 3 lowlights. It’s important to show what you did well and what needs to improve.

Content Marketing, Strategy, Layout

Next is to share how content addresses some of the marketing challenges. It’s about providing value to the marketing and sales team. Make sure that you identify relevant marketing challenges that content marketing can resolve.

Marketing Challenges, Marketing Solutions, Template

In addition to the plan, it’s nice to show content roadmap by a quarter or by purchase cycle or by sales process.  The roadmap complements your plan.  With your content roadmap, it will be beneficial to showcase the owners and the delivery timeline.

Here are two examples by purchase cycle and by quarter.

Content Marketing, Example, Template, Business tip

Content marketing, Content Calendar, Example, Template

It doesn’t hurt to have a slide for  ‘resources needed’ or ‘next steps’.

You can add or delete these elements as you see fit. The bottom line: management wants to know what you have done for them lately and what you can do to support the marketing and sales team to grow business.

Laura, I hope that this helps and good luck with your plan.

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