In my previous post, I mentioned that content marketing doesn’t get much love in companies with traditional marketing organization structures. This is true when a good chunk of the marketing budget resides in paid media and lead generation. To get people to pay attention to content, both top-down and bottom-up approaches are needed to educate management and rally various stakeholders.

You need to hustle in order to start a movement!

While working to educate management, peers and team members, you should also proactively create opportunities to make content marketing shine! The best way to do that is to build alliances. Here are some potential partners who may appreciate your expertise and see content is king.

Help sales with their content development efforts

Sales teams need materials to help them generate sales. They need sales sheets, product information, pricing sheets, competitive information, even sales training, among other things. Based on my experience, sales teams seem to always scream for content to help them win deals. You can garner their support and backing by helping the sales team create content to make their sales job easier.

Not all sales-oriented content will apply directly to marketing channels, however, you can certainly select some sales-oriented content and repurpose them for marketing communications.

Educate your channel partners, distributors and resellers about your products

Another option is to help your company’s indirect sales channels. They sell products on behalf of your company and they want to make money. Indirect sales channel partners have a huge incentive to learn about your products and services and they want to hear what they can do to increase sales.

In some cases, they also welcome any of your marketing materials that they can easily repurpose with their own logos and use them in their own marketing channels.

Helping them to do content marketing better will also help you demonstrate the value of content marketing.

Create simple and easy “how-to” content

I love “How-to” content!

Frankly, how-to content is the easiest way to show the usefulness of content marketing.

How to choose backpacking tents?” from

Quick tip: Managing your Evernote account setting” from Evernote.

Candy Crush Level 500 cheats and tips” from Candy Crush Cheats.

How to get 2,239 subscriber from scratch” from Sumome.

How to effectively load your U-Haul truck” by U-Haul.

Start with a couple of blogs on how to use your products better on your website or create several simple videos. Share them with your sales team, social media or marketing teams.

Ask them to syndicate and promote them. Don’t just do one, then stop. Plan 10-15 how-to content pieces over a period of time to build momentum.

Propose content to improve on-line experience to the digital MKT team

Another tactic that you can do is to review your own website, blog and community. Make a note of the possible topics that can be discussed or shared in these owned channels.

Proactively talk to your webmaster(s) and propose relevant pieces of content to enhance the customer on-line experience.

Sometimes, you may get budget to do it. Occasionally, you may need to create them yourself. However, it’s another way to drive internal conversations about content marketing.

Help the customer service department

I am always amazed at how customer service personnel are trained. They need to know a lot about product offerings, features and anticipate a slew of questions which may come to their ways. Creating content to support the customer service team is a daunting task. In addition, the cheat sheets, pricing and promotions probably need to be updated on a regular basis. Customer service managers are always interested in getting useful content to help their team. Have 1:1 meetings with the customer service managers and access their existing content to understand their content needs.

If you have a solid view of the company’s content landscape, you may be able to offer suggestions on other content that is useful to customer service departments.

Hopefully by doing so, you can identify opportunities for them and yourselves for potential content collaboration.

In summary…

If you are running into hurdles in implementing content marketing, don’t get depressed. Explore some other ways to demonstrate value and build alliances with potential stakeholders and business units. Create your opportunities by proactively helping others and the need for a content marketing budget will start to be understood.

Where there is a will, there is way.

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