In my blog, Evolution of Content Marketing: Six Lessons from A Decade of Experience, I mention that content marketing promotion is more important than content creation.

But, how do you promote the valuable content that you created? Well, there are many ways to do so. The key is that you need to think about three things: where, what, and who.

  • Where can you place your content organically?
  • What marketing channels should you use for promotion?
  • Who can help you to amplify your content promotion?

Where You Can Place Organic Content

Landing Pages: It’s a given! Create dedicated landing pages for the digital download with a clear and compelling description, along with a form for visitors to be able to submit their details so that you can follow up with them.

Website Homepage: Feature the content prominently on your website’s homepage to capture the attention of visitors right away. For instance, you can easily change the button “Schedule a Call” to the “Download [Title] eBook” instead.

Call-Out Box for Blog Post: Add a nicely designed call-out box in the middle of blog posts to allow for easy downloading.

Featured Resource: If you have “Featured Resource” listed anywhere on your website, swap out the content on a regular basis to highlight various pieces from your collection.

About Us Page: Integrate downloads as a valuable resource on your ‘About Us’ page, or add the call-out box you created to showcase your blog post.

Contact Page: Provide a download option on the contact page to encourage visitors to engage further with your content. It just makes sense.

Thank You Page After Contact or Form Completion: Offer a digital download as a bonus after a visitor completes a form, thus encouraging further engagement and lead capture.

Tips: To do all of this, you need to know your website well enough to know where to add things and what makes sense.

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What Channels You Can Promote Content

Paid Advertising Campaigns: Utilize pay-per-click (PPC) ads, social media ads, and/or sponsored content to drive traffic to a landing page featuring your digital download of choice.

Social Media Profiles and Posts: Share the digital download on your social media profiles and posts to reach a wider audience and drive traffic to your website.

Email Marketing Campaigns: Promote the digital download in your email campaigns to nurture leads and encourage them to download resources.

Content Addition as Part of Drip Email Sequences: If you have drip email sequences for new subscribers or event followup, you can use those as a platform to incorporate your content.

Newsletter Sign-Up: When people sign up for your newsletter, you may either activate a drip email sequence or follow up with a thank you email.

You can use this as an opportunity to share your content, and can promote it as an incentive for subscribing to your newsletter and increasing your mailing list.

Webinars and Events: Showcase digital downloads during webinars, or, again, use the content as part of an email follow-up to share more value with your prospects. During the webinar, add a QR Code to the webinar deck or event booth. Make it easy for attendees to engage.

Podcast Promotion: If you have a podcast, mention downloadable content as a follow-up resource for participants to access.

Who Else Can Help?

Collaborations and Partnerships: Partner with other businesses or influencers to promote digital downloads to new audiences for expanded reach and lead generation. This can involve both organic and paid efforts. Take your time to find the appropriate partners and influencers.

Guest Blog Posts: Offer downloads as a bonus resource in guest blog posts on other websites to drive traffic back to your site.

Content Promotion Is Time-Consuming!

As marketers, we need to educate executives about the fact that all content placement and promotion takes time to do right. For example, you need to coordinate with your company’s webmaster, email marketing manager, media manager, partner marketing team, social media manager, etc., all to make sure that your content is given the best chance to work its magic.

Sometimes, it’s so much work that marketing managers just opt in to do paid ads, one email outreach, and 2-3 website page placements. That’s it.

It’s not that marketing managers are lazy, it’s just that it’s a lot of work to position content in different places and do it right to provide a seamless experience.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” is a statement that fits digital marketing content promotion perfectly. Anything that looks simple and seamless is usually the product of a lot of work behind the scenes.

Share with me how you promote your content, or if you’re struggling in this area, don’t hesitate to reach out to me for help; I’d love to schedule a call with you to find out how I can be of assistance.

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