For B2B marketers, if you need to pick an event to attend, B2B Marketing Exchange is it! And this conference is jam-packed with essential B2B topics from customer-centric experience, demand generation, account-based marketing, artificial intelligence (AI), to marketing analytics and more.

More than 1500 B2B marketers and over 90 sessions in 3 days. In addition, it’s in Scottsdale, AZ on 2/24-2/26. Seriously, who doesn’t like to go to Arizona in February? Palm Trees and the Sun. It’s just perfect!! And the venue, Hyatt Regency Scottsdale, looks amazing.

B2B Marketing Exchange

This is my fourth time speaking at this event. I did a sales-enablement workshop and an account-based marketing session last year. #FUN

Pam Didner B2B Marketing Exchange

Pam Didner Speaker B2B marketing Exchange

For this year, I am invited to do a keynote and a workshop. I am super-excited.

Keynote:  How AI Is Already Impacting Every Stage Of Buyer Engagement

AI has begun impacting our lives in more ways than you may realize. In this keynote,  I’ll crack some AI myths and share insights to help you identify potential AI initiatives that can impact each of the specific stages of buyer engagement.

In this keynote, you will:

  • Understand how AI impacts the sales and marketing landscape;
  • Access specific examples of how applications are already being used to improve engagement with account targeting, content offers, sales qualification and many other areas;
  • Connect the dots between the AI and your jobs; and
  • Identify key actions and ideas to kick off initiatives with your teams.

A bonus point: I made my keynote FUNCome and Check It Out!

Workshop: How to Leverage Existing Marketing Elements to Support Sales

Because I did this workshop last year, I completely ramped my workshop. I added more case studies and templates. In addition, I added Big Data, Predictive Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) as part of the workshop. You’ll think about how to support sales as a marketer from a different light.

You know that sales and marketing, in practice, can seem like they’re at odds, with different goals and priorities. In the past, the differences were manageable because these two groups didn’t overlap very much.

However, as boundaries between different functions evolve and merge through technology integration, marketing’s role needs to be expanded to:

  • Identify digital marketing elements that can be part of the sales discussion;
  • Brainstorm specific marketing programs that can aid sales negotiations; and
  • Integrate sales and marketing tools through account-based marketing.

Technology offers unique sales enablement opportunities to various digital marketing programs.

During this workshop, I’ll show you how to identify and incorporate these sales enablement opportunities into your marketing campaigns and elements. Furthermore, I’ll share creative ways to help you expand your sales support efforts.

After the workshop, you will be able to:

    • Evaluate your digital marketing channels with sales enablement in mind;
    • Create a list of questions to drive brainstorming with sales teams; and
    • Understand the collaboration process needed to drive account-based marketing (ABM).

If you are interested…

I’d suggest that you go to the B2B Marketing Exchange website to check out the list of workshops and sessions. If you are interested in coming, please use the promo code B2BMXDIDNER to get a 25% discount.

So, save the dates, 2/24-2/26. Scottsdale, Arizona. B2B Marketing Exchange!

Promo code B2BMXDIDNER. 25% Discount

I’d love to see you there. #B2BMX. #sunshine

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