How to Build a Successful B2B Content Marketing Plan

Like all business models, B2B content marketing requires careful planning to undertake successfully. B2B content marketers rely heavily on their sales and account management teams to establish and strengthen customer and client relationships. Therefore, B2B content marketing needs to be purposeful, effective and provide solutions for the client. These articles share some helpful B2B content marketing tips as well as look at some of the best B2B marketing campaigns.

What Top B2B Marketers Know That You Don’t

B2B Content Marketing Tips and Examples

Of all the jobs in an organization, the marketing has to be the hardest. With job tenure typically under three years, the person and the role are under constant scrutiny. As one highly successful, serial CMO shared with me over lunch today, “everyone has an opinion, mostly uninformed, about everything you are or should be doing.”

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B2B Content Marketing Tips

Efficient Global Content Marketing Stems From Strong Relationships With Local Teams

B2B Content Marketing Examples

This post was originally published on In today’s modern workplace, it’s often not necessary to be physically on-site to get things done. Most of us communicate with our colleagues, peers, and stakeholders via e-mail, conference calls, instant messaging and even video conferencing on an as-needed basis.


B2B Content Marketing

5 Things B2B Buyers Want Your Content To Do

b2b content marketing examples

By Gordana Stok published February 24, 2015, There’s nothing more powerful than speaking with real buyers to take the guesswork out of what content they find valuable. In 2014, I had the pleasure to interview over 100 business and IT executives across a variety of industries about their buying journey and what resources they consulted to guide their decision-making process.

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Best B2B Content Marketing Tips and Examples

Ad Age Names BtoB Best Award Winners for 2015

b2b content marketing tips and examples

Email Winner: Time Warner Cable Media Agency: Kernel (in-house) Campaign: “Tier 3 Automotive” This persuasive campaign from Time Warner Cable Media to auto dealers puts forward a series of compelling reasons to buy its service, using fun, clever, graphics; a personalized letter; a fact-packed sheet on women buyers and what they watch; and fast-paced video that demonstrates how TWCM’s multiple screens can help dealers move cars off the lot.

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