This is the last webinar of Think Strategically Series. I hope that you’ve attended my last 4 webinars and found them useful. Yah!

You can find the others here.

The last topic I want to cover is to how to develop and sharpen strategic thinking skills.

To me, the ability to think strategically is a critical skill if you are inspired to be a VP, CMO, or C-suite one day. This is also a topic that was near-and-dear to my heart because I was a very tactical and operation-centric person for years. Through different projects and intentional learning, I was able to grow that skill over time.

This is something I usually do for my mentoring and coaching sessions, but I want to share with everyone who wants to grow their strategic thinking skill.

My goal is to help you connect different dots and develop that skill set as early as possible. Don’t wait!!

In this webinar, I’ll focus on “how” and want to talk about:

  • What you can do to acquire that soft skill
  • How to modify your thinking approach
  • What opportunities can you explore to grow the skillset

If I can acquire this skill, so can you!

Don’t wait until the webinar to ask me questions about this topic! If you have any questions, join my FB community: B2B Marketing and More. I’ll address your questions before the webinar. You ask, I answer. It’s that simple.

Watch on-demand here to sharpen strategic thinking skills.

Strategic thinking skills tips

I hope to see you at my webinar as I wrap up the Think Strategically series.

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