Content plays a critical role in B2B sales. This is especially true when your products are feature-rich solution-based software, manufacturing equipment, healthcare devices, or other industry-specific segments.

Even with applications that are simple to use, an in-app starter guide or playbook that demonstrates and walks through the application’s benefits typically enhances user experience and increases adoption.

As long as your products and services require some sort of explanation or show-and-tell, sales people need content to explain their benefits and convince potential customers to buy.

If you create content for marketing campaigns, you may not be aware a lot of content you create can also be leveraged by your sales team. So, you need to make your marketing content to work for your sales team as well.

Historically, sales people do not have the time or patience to search your content. You need to make it easy for them to find relevant content that supports their customers’ challenges and questions, and readily positions them as product experts

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

– What content pieces sales are interested in using for different sales stages
– How to work with sales to get their feedback
– How to structure the content so it’s easy for them to find

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Marketing Content for Sales

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