If you’re looking for ways to create a meaningful connection, and connect the dots between sales and marketing, check out this MarketMuse sales and marketing webinar.

Marketing and sales in practice can seem like they’re at odds, with different goals and priorities. In the past, the differences were manageable because these two groups didn’t overlap very much.

Also, marketing focuses on Who, What, and When, while sales expand that focus with Why, How Much.

So you see, even if sales and marketing are talking to the same prospects, the way they communicate and the information they gather are fundamentally different.

Obviously, one focuses on top of the purchase funnel, while the other focuses on the bottom of the funnel. One focuses on awareness-building, while the other focuses on how to move prospects to different sales stages to close deals.

As boundaries between different functions evolve and merge through technology integration, marketing’s role can be expanded to:

  • Identify digital marketing elements that can be part of the sales discussion
  • Brainstorm specific marketing programs that can aid sales negotiations
  • Integrate sales and marketing tools through account-based marketing


If you have any questions about your marketing and sales, please send me questions. I’ll make an effort to address it as part of the MarketMuse sales and marketing webinar.

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