If you are looking for free B2B marketing consultations you are in the right place.

We are in the midst of the unique worldly situation, and we are all going through a tough time dealing with it in our ways.

However, if you feel that you:

  • are stuck with your current marketing efforts
  • don’t get solid direction from your management team to move ahead
  • get solid direction from your management, but don’t know how to start…

Please come to my “Ask Pam Anything” hour:

Bring your questions, I’ll see what I can do. There’s no pitch or agenda. You ask a question and I’ll do my best to provide actionable answers. As simple as that.

Bring snacks, coffee, tea or whatever. Casual and anything related to your business, career development, B2B Marketing and more.

My B2B marketing consultations is an hour for you or whoever can benefit… So, don’t hesitate to join my free ‘Ask Pam Anything’ session, and bring your friends, too!

Stay safe and healthy.

However, if you missed ‘Ask Pam Anything’ session, check out and register for Think Strategically Series: 7 Elements You Should Include to Your Marketing Plan on June 11th.

In addition, if you missed my previous webinar in the “Think Strategically” Series – How to Change Your Marketing Strategy Again – Continue to Plan for the Unknown – check out my latest blog post. You’ll find important templates which will help you update your marketing plan (yes, AGAIN) for post-COVID 19 economies.

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