Do you already have a marketing plan template? If you do, GREAT, and if not, well, it’s the time to create one. If you have an existing marketing strategy plan template, you can compare my recommendations with your existing templates and determine if it’s necessary to refine it. However, if you don’t have one, you can check out my template as a starting point, then customize it based on your company’s needs.

In this webinar, I simply want to share some critical elements that should be included in the marketing plan, and I’ll explain why these elements are vital.

My job is to help you connect different marketing dots and help you think strategically. Creating a solid marketing strategy plan is a base to think strategically as a marketer.

After this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify the objective and audiences of your marketing plan
  • Determine the elements to include in your marketing plan
  • Create a revised template for your plan to better align with your team

If you have any questions about your marketing strategy plan, please send me questions. I’ll make an effort to address it as part of the webinar.

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Strategic Marketing Plan Webinar

In addition, if you missed my previous webinar in the “Think Strategically” Series – How to Change Your Marketing Strategy Again – Continue to Plan for the Unknown – check out my blog post.

You’ll find important templates which will help you update your marketing plan (yes, AGAIN) for post-COVID 19 economies.

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