I love hearing content marketing case studies from content marketers outside the US. Joakim Ditlev, the author of Content Marketing Bogen (Bogen means book in English) shared a wonderful Danish case study with me.

He introduced me to Aarstiderne (it means the Seasons in English), a popular subscription-based meal box delivery service in Denmark. Don’t get fooled by the term ‘meal box’, as if it’s frozen or take-out food. On the contrary, it’s a well-prepared package with a measured amount of produce, spices and condiments so that you can make fresh meals for your family. Their chefs not only create new recipes, but also post them on the website or their mobile app in advance (like an editorial calendar) so that you know what’s available. If you are not interested in their meal services, no problem! They also deliver fresh produce and fruit from farms directly to your house.


Delight their customers with wholesome and healthy products

The two founders and 130 employees have a clear mission: “Aarstiderne cultivates the close connection between fresh produce from the soil and the joy of healthy meals.” They also strongly believe in providing their customers with scrumptious meals and healthy food selections. Since their customers can’t touch or sense the goods before the arrival of meal boxes, Aarstiderne feels a strong need to use visual content to build trust with their customers and get them excited about the upcoming delivery. Their strategy is to create and share content that builds emotional connections from fresh and organic produces to delicious and healthy meals.

Every employee is a content creator

Every employee has a mobile phone and takes photos wherever or whenever possible. No matter what they are doing, employees and farmers can take photos. While picking apples from trees, testing new recipes in the kitchen, making freshly-squeezed juice or bread, packing food, or even eating meals. Employees and farmers are able to share their passions by capturing their observations as they happen. This footage is a great source for Aarstiderne’s social media channels, their websites, and other marketing functions.

Images are nice, but let’s use videos to show, not just tell.

Preparing food well can never be communicated to its fullest by just showing static images and text-only instructions. The best way to communicate with people about preparing food is to “show and tell.” Ekaterina Walter, the author of the Power of Visual Storytelling, said it well: “Video allows you to show a more relaxed or human side to your brand.” Naturally, the video became the core of Aarstiderne’s content creation strategy. With a small investment in video equipment back in 2008, Aarstiderne started producing videos about:

  • produce selections
  • recipes
  • cooking
  • events
  • Aarstiderne’s farmers

Videos are also seamlessly integrated into the meal box selections.

Visual Content

Check out the collection of their videos on https://www.madbio.com. Here is one example, Chicken with pasta.

Know your audience and prioritize your content formats

Although all formats of content material are needed to build a lively and interactive e-commerce site and marketing campaigns, Aarstiderne focuses on visuals. Those visuals tell their stories and integrate them into their e-mail, print, events, cookbooks and other marketing communications channels. Visuals such as videos strengthen their relationship with their customers and increase sales. 25% of existing customers who watch videos add more goods to their online shopping cart. Aarstiderne is able to grow its subscribers organically to 41,000 households strong. According to Joakim, that’s pretty impressive, given that the total population is only 5.5M in Denmark.

Once you have your content strategy, it’s important to understand what formats of content work best for your audience and in what context. We all have limited budgets. Prioritize your budgets and resources accordingly.

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