• Michael Gerard

    Nice post Pam. No doubt, this is a mountain of a topic with many challenges, yet many opportunities. You provide a good model for marketers to begin thinking about how they determine the value of their content. Although more difficult to measure, I’d also include that content value = f(awareness building). Measurement of this area is probably more feasible in a larger organization that takes the time and money to determine the value of its brand. An alternative may be to determine the equivalent digital marketing value of your earned media gained through use of content marketing.

    Regardless, as marketers we’ll need to better measure the impact of our content marketing investment in the coming months/years to: 1) better manage this investment; and 2) justify the increased resources that we’re allocating to this strategy.

    • http://www.linkedin.com/in/pamdidner Pam Didner

      Thank you, Michael! Measurement is so hard. It’s also different from company to company as well. I actually thought about adding content value = f(awareness building). At the end, I took it out, because I was thinking it’s hard to quantify “awareness” as part of business results. However, I do agree with you: if the objective is brand building, then, measuring awareness becomes very critical. The point I should have made it clear in my blog: Measurement follows objectives. It all comes back to clearly understand what we want to accomplish. Thanks for your friendly reminder.

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